Chemical & Industrial Self Adhesive Labels

Solvent & Chemical Printed Labels On Retail Products

Scanman UK has dealt with some of the biggest industries in the UK when producing labels to withstand very adverse conditions. Material to withstand heat up to +175c and to be placed on very testing material. This area requires British Standard material, and as we buy all our material from the World leaders in paper, you can always expect high quality chemical drum labels, chemical resistant & reaction labels, hazardous & risk labels, steel slab labels and industrial grade labels to name just a few we have produced for our customers.

We are a trusted supplier of self adhesive labels in the chemical and industrial sectors, and have been many years. We understand it's imperitive to comply with current UK, European and USA regulations for all manufacture, supply and distribution procedures. Labelling in the industrial and chemical sectors cover many different applications including bulk chemicals, drummed chemicals, hazardous products, oils, paints, building and agricultural products. 

Chemical Drum Labels & Fire Extinguisher Labels