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Scanman UK Ltd would like to welcome you to our News Buzz page which is a dedicated section for end users and customers. We will be providing information, stories, hints & tips and advice on a regular basis which we hope gives you an insight into Scanman UK and our operation.

We believe it's important for customers to see what we are doing, how we work and what we know so customers gain even more trust and a better understanding about the business, industry, products and services we offer to small, medium and large companies locally and throughout the UK.

Why Did Scanman UK Compete at The British Legion “Tough Mudder” Major Series 2016?

27th October 2016

On Sunday 16th October, Scanman UK Ltd were involved in the 12.6 K British Legion “Tough Mudder” Major Series 2016 in Wetherby. One of the toughest events we have all taken part in, but at the same time we all loved it and want to do it again, giving 100% all the way.

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Tough Mudder Finish Line

How Stephanie Alderton from Scanman UK LTD supported Arthritis Research UK?

28th September 2016

Arthritis Research UK (Based in Chesterfield) is a fantastic charity; Raising £37 Million between 2013 – 2014; their long term commitment is to prevent the onset of arthritis. Hopefully a cure will be developed in the not too distant future, transforming the lives of people with arthritis forever.

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Transporter Bridge Charity Event

Why Has Scanman UK Revamped Its Website Ready for 2016?

17th August 2016

Any good business will tell you that its website is absolutely critical to its success. Get it right and your business can quite literally benefit overnight. Get it wrong and the chances are that you will lose a huge amount of potential . . .

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Mobile App

Scanman's latest print machine looks set to boost business success and customer satisfaction.

17th July 2016

Many people reckon that it was the arrival of the printing press in Europe during the 15th century that fundamentally changed  society across Europe . . . 

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Business Card

Is Scanman's business success good for job creation in Middlesbrough?

17th June 2016

Ask anyone from the North-east of England about the issue of genuine job creation in the region and they will tell you that it is vital.  It's certainly true . . . 

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The Future