Food - Printed Self Adhesive Food Labels

Nutritional Food Label

Scanman UK currently carry out custom label work for a number of food manufacturers, food suppliers and wholesalers in the UK. We are BRC, ISO and FSC accredited, we have the foundations, capability and criteria to produce self adhesive food labels, under conditions required for this industry. Labels for use in the food industry in many cases need to retain their adhesion properties when applied to cold and moist surfaces and also when subsequently placed into deep freeze storage. Custom food packaging labels may require good resistance to fat and oil.

Here at Scanman UK, we have 3 printing presses, 2 plain label and re-winder facilities to allow us to produce food packaging labels in volume and to a high standard which is required for all food markets. All food labels are packed to the high standard required by the customer, and shipped for next day delivery. Our customer base for the food industry is growing each month due to the increased demand we are seeing for barcode labels and food packaging labels.

Nutritional Food Label & Barcode Labels
Lower Image - Barcode Labels For Food Packaging