Chemical & Industrial Self Adhesive Labels

Chemical Resistant Drum Labels.

If you are looking for Chemical Labels, Hazardous Goods Labels or Drum Labels, we can offer you a solution to any problem. 

We can supply full colour, waterproof labels completely bespoke to your brand or the industry standard Hazard Warning Diamond Labels. 

We also provide a range of strong, non-tearable tags, which are perfect for goods tags, damaged goods tags and cylinder neck tags.

For chemical drum labels to comply with BS5609 standards, they must remain attached and legible in all conditions including immersion in sea water for a minimum of 3 months. We can supply materials which comply to these standards and are suitable for either metal or plastic containers. The BS5609 standard is broken down into 3 parts - the face material, the adhesive and the printing.

Scanman UK offers a completely free of charge, no obligation label audit, assessing not only your costs but also your solutions and advising on alternative products. Get in touch now for more information on our free label audit.