Barcode Labels & Variable Data

Scanman UK have very quickly become the premier company in the UK for barcodes and variable data. With a long history in barcoding and programming, we have used our vast knowledge to expand on our barcode production facilities year on year. 

Our bureau department expanded to an 8 printer, 5 man operation but in early 2019, investment has taken our production capabilities to an unrivalled level. Our investment now allows us to print barcodes on one of our 8 colour printing presses, allowing us to print inline at high speeds without the need for any offline overprinting. We can print at speeds of up to 90 metres per minute, at up to 600dpi, allowing us to convert hundreds of thousands, even millions, of labels every single day. 

As the barcode printing is done on our press, we can also now offer the capabilities of sealing the barcodes with a varnish or laminate to add further security to your labels. 



We can produce any barcode you require, such as QR, Data Matrix, Code 128, Code 39 or EAN, the possibilities are endless.

Along with barcodes, we can produce a wide range of variable data labels, including address labels, marketing promotions, letters or unique product codes.

Combining our high speed, multi colour flexo presses with our overprinting capabilties has proven to be extremely popular with our customers, with over 13 million labels being produced on our new system in December and January alone!

You can check out our latest case study on the link below, showing you how we helped a multi national monthly subscription service and their parcel delivery courier deliver over 150,000 parcels every month....within 24 hours of their data being clarified!