Printed Labels

Scanman UK can manufacture labels up to 8 colours on one of our 3 flexographic printing presses.

Flexographic printing is a traditional printing process, using soft flexible relief plates, which are mounted onto cylinders and transfer the image to the material. Flexo printing offers a versatile solution to printing as you can print on a wide range of materials including papers, plastics and foils. Flexo printing offers a very high speed printing process and is ideally suited for medium to large print runs.

Our presses allow us to printon the reverse, on the adhesive and in either full UV or in waterbased ink and varnishes. The finished labels can be supplied in either rolls, sheets or fanfold packs.

We take tremendous pride in being able to provide creative and lasting solutions for our customers labeling needs. Whether you are looking for more efficient ways to have your labels produced or suggestions on how to reduce your current costs, Scanman UK can assist you with any of your requirements.


Scanman UK are one of the premier manufacturers of self adhesive labels to the food industry in the UK, whether you are looking for primary labels, secondary labels or barcodes, there is no wider range of products available from a sole UK manufacturer in the UK.

We understand the competitive nature of the food industry and have tailored our pricing and service levels with ongoing research and price point analysis to allow us to compete in every aspect.

The range of products we offer include labels for bakeries, sandwiches, confectionary, dairies and meat packers. We currently produce labels for cheese packaging products currently on display in the country’s biggest supermarkets.

With various EU laws and regulations surrounding the labeling of food constantly changing, we can advise on these in detail, including the upcoming changes brought on by "Natasha's Law", which will be a legal requirement by Summer 2021.

Printed Bottle Labels.


In the world of branding your products, the labels on your bottles are one of the most effective marketing tools available to the drinks industry. The drinks market is one of the most competitive markets in the UK, whether you are in the alcoholic or soft drinks market, how your label looks can determine it's popularity and influence your consumers buying decisions on the spot.

Scanman UK can print your labels up to 8 colours, with various performance finishes including colour changing, thermochromic inks & spot varnishes. We can offer a wide range of substrates, including a "no label look" Clear PP, which is used to look like the label is printed directly onto your bottle, adding to the premium feel.


Scanman UK have very quickly become the premier company in the UK for barcodes and variable data. With a long history in barcoding and programming, we have used our vast knowledge to expand on our barcode production facilities year on year. 

Our bureau department expanded to an 8 printer, 5 man operation but in early 2019, investment has taken our production capabilities to an unrivalled level. Our investment now allows us to print barcodes on one of our 8 colour printing presses, allowing us to print inline at high speeds without the need for any offline overprinting. We can print at speeds of up to 90 metres per minute, at up to 600dpi, allowing us to convert hundreds of thousands, even millions, of labels every single day. 


Barcode Labels