Food - Printed Self Adhesive Food Labels

Scanman UK are one of the premier manufacturers of self adhesive labels to the food industry in the UK, whether you are looking for primary labels, secondary labels or barcodes, there is no wider range of products available from a sole UK manufacturer in the UK.

We understand the competitive nature of the food industry and have tailored our pricing and service levels with ongoing research and price point analysis to allow us to compete in every aspect

The range of products we offer include labels for bakeries, sandwiches, confectionary, dairies and meat packers. We currently produce labels for cheese packaging products currently on display in the country’s biggest supermarkets.

Whether you are looking for a label to be applied to your bottle, jar or packet and suitable to be stored in ambient, chilled or frozen conditions, we have a product which will work under any conditions.


Nutritional Food Label & Barcode Labels

Our labels are produced on one of our three multi colour printing presses, three high speed plain label lines and finished in our expert rewinding facility.

All of our labels are suitable for application by hand or machine, whether it be a semi automatic applicating system or a high speed applicator.

With further investment over the past couple of years, Scanman UK can now print up to 8 colours and die cut to any shape you desire. We can print your labels on a combination of hundreds of face papers and adhesives, so whether you are applying your labels to a plastic carton, a glass bottle or cardboard, we can provide a solution tailored to your needs. 

Scanman UK offers a completely free of charge, no obligation label audit, assessing not only your costs but also your solutions and advising on alternative products. Get in touch now for more information on our free label audit.

Custom Printed Labels
Custom Printed Food Labels for Bottles & Jars
Custom Printed & Die Cut Labels