CASE STUDY: How we helped a multi national subscription box service with our variable data printing service and 8 hour turnaround!

17th February 2020

Back in 2016, we were approached by a fast growing multi-national monthly subscription box service who were struggling to find a company who could turn around their courier labels within a very tight time frame and had heard that we were considered the best at what we did.

Their brief was simple, we provide you with our shipping label data at 8am on the first working day of every month and you deliver them to us by 10pm the same evening....200 miles away. 

At the time, they had around 50,000 subscribers to their service and wanted their courier labels printing on a 4" x 6" label. We knew that our bureau service could handle it, and handle it we did!

Over the years, their service has grown and grown, with an average of 75,000 per month in 2017, 90,000 per month in 2018 and 130,000 per month in 2019! With the growth in numbers, our bureau team were becoming stretched, and were starting to struggle with the sheer volume of labels we were printing.

We either had to look at another way of producing these or invest in further printers and staff to keep up with the volume and demand.

Our investment at the beginning of 2019 completely changed the way we deal with fast turnaround variable data printing. From printing these on 5 thermal transfer printers and taking almost 9 hours, we can now have these printed and packed within just a few hours of receiving the data. 

Data Process

In January 2020, we had our biggest ever data file of 147,000 individual labels. The job went on press at 10:30am and was completed, packed and ready to ship by 3pm, arriving with the customer at just after 6:30pm that same evening.