How Stephanie Alderton from Scanman UK Ltd supported Arthritis Research UK

28th September 2016

Arthritis Research UK (Based in Chesterfield) is a fantastic charity; Raising £37 Million between 2013 – 2014; their long term commitment is to prevent the onset of arthritis. Hopefully a cure will be developed in the not too distant future, transforming the lives of people with arthritis forever.

Stephanie Alderton from Thorntree in Middlesbrough decided to go online one day and search for local charity events and opportunities to be involved in. Why? Stephanie who is 20 years old, suffers from mild arthritis, so it’s a charity close to her heart. Stephanie’s Nana also suffers from this disease, and Steph seen this is a way of supporting her beloved Nana and the charity.

Stephanie had never abseiled before, however due to the great feeling she had from doing this the first time around, it has certainly increased her chances of being involved in future events for this charity.

Her friends and family came along to support Steph, who was very brave on the day, still feeling sick, nervous and excited all at the same time.

Steph said “The worst part was stepping over the gate to then let go to start abseiling from the Transporter Bridge which is 165 feet high, is quite a task but with a great view of Middlesbrough Town.!"

Steph helped to raise £220 pounds for Arthritis Research UK on 24.7.16, which is a great achievement and a starting point for future charity events.

Scanman UK always support charities and connected charity events, this is why we doubled the amount raised to show our support for a good course!

How Stephanie Alderton from Scanman UK LTD supported Arthritis Research UK?