Scanman's latest print machine looks set to boost business success and customer satisfaction.

17th July 2016

Many people reckon that it was the arrival of the printing press in Europe during the 15th century that fundamentally changed  society across Europe. The rapid production of printed pages meant that books and pamphlets could be produced in bulk at speeds previously considered impossible by the old methods of monks laboriously copying out individual pages. Indeed, the European Renaissance  would probably never have occurred without the existence of the first printing presses.

Printing press design has of course moved on considerably since the days of Johannes Gutenberg and his original press machine. In the 21st century, the print world is a highly competitive one, where customers rightly expect top quality and value for money. That's why we at Scanman UK have invested a significant sum in our latest print machine, the Mark Andy 2200.  We believe that this machine will not only bring huge benefits to our business but that we will be able to pass these benefits on to our customers.

Faced with ever-growing demand from our UK customers for our self-adhesive labels and tags, it became clear to us that our printing equipment needed to be upgraded to cope with this increased demand. We also wanted the ability to offer greater flexibility and versatility for our products. And we needed a press machine could consistently deliver our products faster, with improved quality and  greater colour range, to our customers. Hence our decision to purchase the Mark Andy 2200. This is the machine that is key to our success in winning contracts and developing and expanding our business, raising the quality of our products and providing our customers with superb value for money.

We can use the Mark Andy 2200 UV press machine for any job, regardless of the industry sector, as the machine can print self-adhesive labels with up to eight colours. However, we reckon that we'll be running this machine primarily for our food & drink and retail sector customers, as they normally require a substantial colour range of up to eight or nine colours. But we certainly wouldn't preclude using this machine for customers from other industry sectors who require a substantial colour range.

Mark Handy Logo

Our customers can be assured that our Mark Andy 2200 is considered the benchmark in printing equipment. It is renowned for being adaptable to customer requirements and for its high productivity levels. With amazing advanced technologies including advanced web tension management, self-aligning cassettes and top-level drying and curing systems, this machine is considered one of the best presses on the market today.  That's why we have invested heavily in it.

Mark Andy is an unusual name and one that won't be familiar to most people outside the print trade. The US-based company was founded way back in 1946 when a Mr Mark Andrews Senior built the first Mark Andy tape press in his basement machine shop located in Kirkwood, Missouri. From those small beginnings the company developed to  become a world-renowned manufacturer of top of the range printing presses.

The Mark Andy 2200 machine is a great addition to our “stable” of printing equipment. We have dedicated machines for blank die cut labels and flexo printing presses for medium to large runs up to nine colours, all of which offer wide capabilities and inline automated finishing. Our lean manufacturing processes allow us to convert blanks and printed labels at high speeds whilst at the same time reducing waste factors, making Scanman UK Ltd one of the most competitive self-adhesive label manufacturers in the UK and Europe.

So, if you're seeking a quote from a print company that offers great value for money, top quality service and up to date equipment with great flexibility and speed, please get in touch with us right now!