Why Has Scanman UK Revamped Its Website Ready for 2016?

17th August 2016

Any good business will tell you that its website is absolutely critical to its success. Get it right and your business can quite literally benefit overnight. Get it wrong and the chances are that you will lose a huge amount of potential custom. Your business product or service can be the greatest thing since sliced bread but in today's digital world it won't succeed without a top quality website to market and deliver the goods.

Scanman UK Ltd is a company that recognises this good counsel. Based in Middlesbrough in the UK, we manufacture self-adhesive labels, and tags and we're a reseller of printers, ribbons and packaging products. Recently, we became aware that we needed to radically revamp our website so that existing and potential customers can gain a much greater awareness of the company, its services and products. You see, it really does matter to us that companies who have never heard of us have the opportunity to discover and learn more about Scanman via our website. It's a great way to boost business trust and credibility, and that's of vital importance for achieving successful business relationships. And let's not forget, it makes life a lot easier for people and other businesses to find us!

One of the key issues for our revamped website is ease of access for customers and potential customers. In today's hectic business world where time is so precious, there is nothing more frustrating to find website links that lead to nowhere, web pages that fail to tell you what you need to know, poor or non-existent navigation to enable you reach the information you seek, and pages stuffed with pointless extraneous and irrelevant material.

Our new website recognises these challenges and has overcome them very successfully. To begin with, there's a new feature for the site in the shape of a quote form for labels which will makes it easier and less time-consuming for customers to request a quote in their own time and convenience. In addition to this important feature, site visitors are encouraged to provide feedback and ask questions via our enquiry form. And we've introduced a client login section so customers can accessthe tracking system to monitor progress on their orders. We don't believe in keeping our much-valued customers in the dark!

Mobile App

Engagement with our customers and potential customers is so important in this highly competitive business. That's why we've introduced on our home page a new feature that tells a fascinating and engaging little story which demonstrates to the site visitor how the production process works, right from raw materials to the end product that we supply to the customer.

To reassure potential customers about the company's reliability and trustworthiness along with its quality products and services, our new website enables them to check out our credentials including FSC – Eco-friendly & environmentally aware; BRC ISO9001 Safety and Quality Assured & UKASaccredited.

The start of the New Year is a great time for sweeping out the old and bringing in the new. That's why we are introducing our totally revamped website right now. And we're confident that Scanman UK will benefit just by being online as search engines and other online channels will provide more exposure for the Scanman website, more leads, more interest and more buzz.  We know the importance of our website for developing and strengthening our business and we're looking forwardto assessing its impact as the year progresses....